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Rio Grande LNG is committed to being a good neighbor and responsible corporate citizen. As part of this commitment, RGLNG is exploring opportunities to create the greatest positive impact on the Rio Grande Valley and the Greater South Texas communities, while minimizing any negative impact. See below for some of the ways, RGLNG may benefit you and your community.


Direct Economic Impact

The construction and operation of Rio Grande LNG and the Rio Bravo Pipeline will require thousands of construction workers and billions of dollars in investment. In fact, it’s estimated that the project could cost up to $17 billion dollars. Because of the size of that investment, the direct impact of our project will be felt throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley and beyond. To read more about the tremendous economic benefits our project could bring to the Valley, click here.


Rio Grande LNG is actively working with educational organizations throughout the Rio Grande Valley. From school districts, to community colleges, trade schools and universities, we’re working to help create the programs that will provide South Texans with the skills and qualifications needed to participate in the construction and operation of our facility. For more information on the thousands of jobs that Rio Grande LNG would create and additional training resources, visit the Jobs page.

Natural Gas Fueling

Natural gas as a vehicle fuel source is rapidly being adopted across the United States and around the world. Currently, there are not any LNG or CNG fueling stations located in the Rio Grande Valley. RGLNG has built into its facilities plans for an LNG fueling and trucking distribution center, providing the needed fuel to help the RGV make the move towards cleaner-burning natural gas vehicles.

Responsible Neighbor

Just like you, RGLNG is committed to being a good neighbor. We want to be a part of your community. From hiring locals to construct and operate our facilities, to partnering with local companies, our priority is you. For more on the upcoming jobs, click here. If you believe your company could help with this project, click here.

RGLNG represents a substantial private, long-term investment in the region with the full project expected to generate up to $17 billion in direct investment. Construction is expected to create between 4,000 and 6,000 jobs with long-term, well-paid permanent jobs in excess of 200. The indirect impact through increased traffic to the area, tourism, housing, food and entertainment is likely to multiply this impact by a substantial factor.

An independent study conducted by The Perryman Group found that should the project move forward it would have a significant positive impact for the region. The study, commissioned by NextDecade, estimated that over the course of construction and operations, the Rio Grande LNG project would inject billions of dollars into the local economy, supporting more than an estimated 3,000 permanent jobs in Cameron County and contributing millions in new tax dollars. At the national level, the estimated impact would be even greater, adding more than $500 million to the US economy each year and creating nearly 5,000 permanent indirect jobs.

Key Findings:

Construction and Non-Operational activities of Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipeline is estimated to:

  • Inject nearly $6 billion dollars into the local economy, representing a one-time addition equivalent to more than 67% of Cameron County’s current Gross Product
  • Generate 74,374 person-years of employment in Cameron County
  • Add an estimated $136.9 million in new tax receipts for Cameron County

Ongoing Operations at Maturity is estimated to:

  • Add approximately $326 million a year to Cameron County’s Gross Product, or more than 3.7% its current level
  • Add a projected $526 million a year to US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Create and sustain an estimated 3,256 permanent jobs in Cameron County and an estimated combined 4,901 permanent jobs in the US overall

In addition to the substantial local benefits afforded by the project, The Perryman Group estimated that the improvement to the international balance of payments of the United States from the Rio Grande LNG project could potentially range from $11.5-$18.5 billion per year.

In addition to the massive economic impact, RGLNG is working with local educational entities to help provide the information and support needed to set up programs to train the local workforce so that by the time we begin construction and operations, RGLNG will be able to hire locally. If you are interested in future employment opportunities with Rio Grande LNG, check out the Jobs page for more information.

Reducing Emissionsclick to view video

Rio Grande LNG has included plans for an LNG fueling distribution center, a first of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley. The trend of adopting natural gas powered vehicles (NGVs) is growing rapidly throughout the US and around the world with companies like UPS leading the way. To date, UPS has driven over 300 million miles in NGVs. Currently the Rio Grande Valley is without a single LNG fueling station. RGLNG could potentially provide the fuel necessary to transform the region by providing clean-burning, economical natural gas vehicle fuel.

Natural Gas Vehicles are:

– More environmentally friendly than their gas or diesel equivalents, emitting fewer emissions

– More economical, even now, natural gas is cheaper than gas or diesel

– Fueled by reliable, American made natural gas