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For commercial or technical interest in the pipeline, please visit the Rio Bravo Pipeline website at Please note that Rio Bravo Pipeline is being developed in conjunction with NextDecade Corporation’s Rio Grande LNG project. Due to the extended development and construction timeline of the LNG facility, the Rio Bravo Pipeline system will be developed and constructed to meet the required operational date for the Rio Grande LNG facility. For this reason, please note that at this time neither NextDecade Corporation nor Rio Bravo Pipeline Company, LLC are currently accepting unsolicited bids or offers of service as it relates to construction and/or management activities. At the appropriate time of the development, we will reach out directly to service providers and/or post an update on this website when such opportunities are available. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your interest.

Rio Bravo’s primary purpose in developing the Pipeline is to provide facilities that will connect the Terminal to natural gas supplies available through other interconnected pipeline facilities serving producing areas. The Pipeline will consist of two parallel, buried 42” outside-diameter pipelines running between the Terminal and the Pipeline’s northern terminus, a distance of approximately 137 pipeline miles, and related facilities. The Pipeline’s total throughput capacity will be approximately 4.5 Bcf/d of natural gas. The completed Pipeline will include: (1) a natural-gas turbine driven compressor station at the Agua Dulce Hub end of the Pipeline to raise the Pipeline’s pressure, and (2) a natural-gas turbine driven intermediate compressor station located approximately at the mid-point of the Pipeline to compensate for a decrease in pressure along the Pipeline. In addition, a booster compressor station at the Terminal end of the Pipeline will also be installed to match the required liquefaction train inlet pressure.

For commercial interest in the pipeline, visit the Rio Bravo Pipeline website here.

Both the Terminal and the Pipeline will be constructed, operated and maintained in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental and safety requirements.

A general locator map of the current pipeline route can be seen below.

All affected landowners have a recognized right to participate as a full party in the FERC review process so long as they intervene in the FERC’s proceedings in a timely manner. Any interventions must be in writing and comply with the FERC’s requirements. Please visit to learn how to intervene and to arrange to receive notices of important developments in the FERC’s proceedings. If you do not wish to participate as a full party in the FERC’s proceedings for these Projects, you will also have the opportunity to file written comments or a protest (should you object to some aspect of the Projects), as well as to attend or speak at the FERC scoping meeting(s)/other public meetings, which will be publicly announced by the FERC from time to time.

If you would like to review our written request to the FERC to initiate its Pre-Filing Process, you can: (1) download it from the FERC’s e-library site, which is linked to the general page, by searching for materials in Docket No. PF15-20; (2) request that we e-mail you a copy by calling James Markham-Hill, toll-free at (844) 807-4654, or contacting us through our website and providing your e-mail address; or (3) you may contact Mr. Markham-Hill and make arrangements to view a hard copy of the filing in person at our main offices in The Woodlands, TX.

If you would like to review our written request to the FERC to initiate its Filing Process or view application materials, you can: (1) download them from the FERC’s e-library at, by searching for materials in Docket No. CP16-454 (Rio Grande) and CP16-455 (Rio Bravo); (2) request that we mail you a copy by calling Ashley Helmer, Director of Communications, at 281-249-5453 or sending an e-mail to and providing your address; or (3) you may view copies at the following public libraries: 1) Brownsville Public Library – Main Branch at 2600 Central Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520; 2) Reber Memorial Public Library at 193 N 4Th St., Raymondville, TX 78580; 3) Robert J. Kleberg Public Library at 220 North 4th Street, Kingsville, TX 78363-4410; 4) Alicia Salinas City of Alice Public Library at 401 E Third St., Alice, TX 78332; and 5) McAllen Public Library at 4001 N. 23rd St. McAllen, TX 78504.

Rio Grande LNG, LLC and Rio Bravo Pipeline Company, LLC are special purpose entities created to develop and operate the Terminal and Pipeline, respectively. The development effort is still in its early stages, therefore Rio Grande and Rio Bravo have yet to establish local offices outside of The Woodlands, TX; however, as project development progresses, we will open a local office and hire numerous employees on a long-term basis who will live and work in the area of the Projects.

Rio Grande and Rio Bravo are subsidiaries of NextDecade Corporation, which currently provides staffing support for Rio Grande and Rio Bravo. NextDecade has assembled an industry-leading team with decades of experience successfully developing, marketing, building, and operating LNG facilities. These include: Matthew Schatzman – President and Chief Executive Officer, formerly BG Group – EVP Global Energy Marketing and Shipping; René van Vliet – Chief Operating Officer, formerly Shell Gas and Power Singapore/The Hague – Vice President Global LNG; and Shaun Davison – Senior VP Development & Regulatory Affairs, formerly Excelerate Energy – Director of Development & Special Projects.

Rio Grande and Rio Bravo also rely on environmental, legal and technical consultants and engineers well known in the LNG industry, including: CH-IV International, Moffat & Nichol, Ecology & Environment, Inc., Fugro Consultants, Inc., and K&L Gates LLP.