Why Brownsville?

//Why Brownsville?
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Why Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley? We’re Glad You Asked!

See below for just a few of the reasons we want to make the Port of Brownsville our new home. 

Abundant Natural Gas Supplies

Texas and the US has enormous quantities of natural gas

In recent years, the US has undergone an energy revolution. The massive abundance of natural gas in Texas and throughout the US positions America to not only become energy independent, but also creates the opportunity to be a major provider of clean-burning natural gas around the world, helping to reverse our national trade deficit.

Infrastructure Rich Environment

Texas has an established network of natural gas pipelines

Texas has a large network of intra- and inter-state natural gas pipelines, providing easy access to the abundant natural gas supplies not only from Texas, but from around the country. Our proposed Rio Bravo Pipeline would tap in to the highly liquid Agua Dulce market hub, providing this gas much-needed access to global markets.

Deep-Water Port

The Port of Brownsville has a large amount of available land

The Brownsville Shipping Channel, with much of its roughly 40,000 acres of land still available for development, is positioned well to home new industry and trade. The Port of Brownsville has the space available to safely and securely provide for an LNG facility like ours, as well as providing easy access to established global shipping routes.

Energy Friendly State With Abundant Skilled Labor

Texas has a historic connection to the energy industry

Texas is an energy friendly environment, equipped with well established infrastructure, training and education facilities, experienced energy professionals, and the communities to back them up. RGLNG is actively pursuing opportunities to provide detailed labor needs and to hire locally whenever possible.

The Rio Grande Valley and Greater South Texas Community

Throughout our extensive and ongoing public outreach, we have had the privilege to find a highly supportive and enthusiastic community. We have been and will continue to meet with individuals, business and community leaders, public officials and many more. One thing that has stood out is the unique spirit of the community. It’s clear that great things are happening in the RGV and we’re excited to be a part of it.

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