Our company and every one of our employees is committed to being a good neighbor and having a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work.

Our team is also deeply committed to delivering our Rio Grande LNG project the right way. We know that can mean many things to many people. To us, it means keeping and delivering on our commitments to:

  • Invest in the Rio Grande Valley’s future for the long term and create thousands of jobs so families in the Valley can work where they live;
  • Educate current and future generations;
  • Protect the environment; and
  • Minimize visual impacts.

-Matt Schatzman, Chairman and CEO


Invest Significantly in the Rio Grande Valley’s Future…And Be a Part of the Community for the Long Term

  • Create thousands of jobs (direct and indirect) during construction and ongoing operations, all driving increased sales and revenues to local businesses.
  • Maximize local hiring during construction and operations so that at least 35% of workers are regional residents.
  • Financial Projections
  • Provide financial and technical support to the Brownsville Navigation District for the Brazos Island Harbor Improvement project, helping advance future Port of Brownsville expansion and community growth.

Educate Current and Future Generations

  • Utilize local training facilities during construction to support community career opportunities and safe work practices that support local direct hires for facility operations.
  • Support youth education in the region through NextDecade’s Scholars Program, which provides scholarships for students pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) studies in college or university.

Protect the Environment

  • Reduce emissions from our planned 27 million tons per annum (mtpa) project.
  • Mitigate impacts to wetlands and wildlife, including ocelots and jaguarundis.
  • Provide a large-scale solution for producers to reduce flaring of natural gas in the Permian Basin by providing a reliable market for the natural gas to reach global LNG customers.
  • Help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by providing countries around the world access to clean-burning natural gas, to replace coal, diesel, heavy fuel oil, and other higher emissions-intensive fossil fuels.
  • Utilize renewable sources of energy for our electricity needs.

Minimize Visual Impacts

  • Optimize our plant design to incorporate ground flares and eliminate the need for tall flare stacks
  • Use muted color schemes for facility equipment to help minimize visual impacts.
NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG project will be constructed and operated in accordance with industry best practices, adhering to federal and state regulations and standards that govern large-scale industrial projects. All commitments noted, and others that might be added in the future, will be closely coordinated with the appropriate regulatory agencies and implemented according to various regulatory requirements, as necessary. The company will update stakeholders on the progress on these and other commitments via appropriate channels of communication.