Rio Grande LNG is partnered with CB&I for the engineering and construction of our facility. CB&I is already a major employer of RGV citizens, with over 2,000 working for CB&I in Texas and along the Gulf Coast since 2010. The Rio Grande LNG project, estimated to create 4,000-5,000 construction jobs, is an opportunity both for these workers to come home to good paying jobs and for many more RGV citizens starting out or looking for work.

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Excerpts from the article below:

One of the Rio Grande Valley’s top employment analysts [Mike Willis] says the number of construction industry jobs in the region could double if liquefied natural gas terminals get built at the Port of Brownsville.

“All around the Gulf Coast, Rio Grande Valley workers are employed in the skilled trades. To get them back home we have to create job opportunities here,” Willis told the Rio Grande Guardian.

“Chicago Bridge & Iron called us. They said they have 1,000 Valley employees on the payroll working in Corpus and along the coast. Those workers could be brought home to help with the LNG projects when they start up. We could see a 50 percent growth in construction employment, just from those (LNG) projects.”

Willis said Chicago Bridge & Iron told him that an entry level laborer will typically start at around $15 an hour. “Your helpers, which are the next tier up, typically earns $18 to $22 an hour. And then with more experience there is higher level credentials that pay even better.”

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